Monster World for iPhone and iPad

Wooga’s venture into the mobile world has been a tremendous success so far. Reason enough for us to further pursue this track and focus on bringing the Woogalicious game experience across plattforms. Today we are proud to announce two new games, including our first on the Android platform.

Wooga’s mobile strategy will see the company bring its most successful Facebook games to mobile and develop new IPs designed especially for mobile. 12 months ago Wooga announced the first mobile game with Diamond Dash. Since then the young company has undergone a significant transformation with half of its 200+ team working on mobile titles and the other half on native flash titles for Facebook.
Connected gaming is at the heart of the mobile strategy, giving players the ability to connect with friends across multiple platforms and play together socially. Diamond Dash mobile players who choose to connect with friends via Facebook are eight times more likely to spend money and significantly more engaged than users who play without logging in – highlighting the importance of Facebook and the Social Graph in Wooga’s mobile strategy.
Diamond Dash for Android and Monster World for iPhone and iPad will lead the strategy, with Diamond Dash being the first game on Google’s Android platform.
Over 70 million people have played Diamond Dash since it was first released on Facebook in March 2011, with 20 million of those players downloading the game on the iPhone and iPad. Launching the game on Android expands Wooga’s mobile portfolio and brings its unique brand of social gaming to all users on the Google mobile platform.
One of Wooga’s first games and a social gaming classic, Monster World garnered over 45 million players in two years. Now Wooga is bringing the game to mobile. Uniquely developed for iOS and packed full of new content, the quirky Monster World experience that players love has been completely reimagined.
Jens Begemann, founder and CEO of Wooga highlighted the importance of social gaming in the mobile market, “Our vision at Wooga is to makes games for everyone and with the growing popularity of mobile platforms we have an opportunity to bring our games to a bigger audience than ever before. With unrivaled social features and a focus on connectivity, I believe Wooga has what it takes to define the social gaming experience on mobile”.
Wooga will double its current game portfolio of Facebook and mobile games by early-2013. Diamond Dash for Android and Monster World for iOS will arrive this Autumn.